Specialized in foreign nationals’ visa and naturalization.
We are always ready to assist foreigners and businesses hiring foreign talent.

Gaikokujin Consulting

Culture and language vary from country to country. These diversities are fine as long as you are able to enjoy and learn from them while you are in Japan, but they also may complicate matters if you get into trouble. And, while pondering the causes of your problems and how to solve them, your love for Japan may even turn into a dislike for the country. At Koguchi’s Consultation Office we take care of your concerns and respond to all your queries. Foreign nationals frequently happen to encounter problems when going through the various administrative procedures and we would like to help them. We strive hard to convert even your troubles into good memories, therefore, please get in touch with us!

Takao Koguchi, Gyoseisyoshi

PHONE: 03-3492-7252 (Mon・Wed 13:30-16:00)

Visa lecture – Chinese


(日本語) ビザ講座ーベトナム語


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