Thank you for reading my blog – a budding immigration lawyer’s tweets –
Here I’d like to write about my everyday life as a newcomer in the immigration world.

First of all, let me introduce myself a little.

My name is Takashi, and I started working here two weeks ago.
I majored in Russian language and the culture of Muslim at a university in Tokyo, and later studied at a graduate school of law. During my university and graduate days, I had studied twice in Uzbekistan – first, I stayed in Samarkand (the crossroad of cultures!) for a whole year to study on the culture of Central Asia and, second, stayed in Tashkent for one-and-a-half years to research on the legal systems of former USSR countries.
By taking advantage of my experiences mentioned above, I’d like to be the only immigration lawyer who can deal with any kinds of immigration-related legal problems perfectly in both Russian and English. In this blog, I’d like to write everything from what I’ve experienced in performing tasks to my recommended ramen house. I hope that, someday, subscribers of my blog (if any…) find me interesting, trust my ability and rely on me.
Please be watching over me till I become a real specialist.

P.S. I will accept small questions concerning immigration. You can ask me for advice in either Russian or English and I will reply to you by the language you used. Oh, please don’t worry. Before replying to you, my superiors check if my answer is correct.
Please do not hesitate to ask! Your questions will help me grow up to be the best immigration lawyer in Japan))